Why Become ISO Certified?

ISO certification ensures that international standards for both quality
management and quality assurance are adhered to.

Obtaining ISO certification will help your organization develop a stronger competitive advantage through:

  • Corporate image enhancement
  • International recognition as an organization committed to quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction and confidence
  • Improved relationships with both customers and suppliers
  • Increased sales and market share
  • Reduced operational costs and improved efficiency
  • Recognition as an environmentally responsible organization
  • Improved consistency, time management, accountability and training


A recent survey of 3000 ISO certified firms in the U.S had the following results:


  • 86% gained a competitive advantage
  • 90% stated that customers’ perception of the quality of their product or service had improved
  • 52% reported that their market share had increased
  • 72% noticed that customer complaints had decreased
  • 69% felt that employee satisfaction improved
  • 66% experienced ongoing cost savings ($124,128 average)