Our Approach

ISO certification ensures that international standards for both quality
management and quality assurance are adhered to.

To begin, QCBM Canada will assign a certificated assessor experienced in your industry to work with your organization. Industry experience and a realistic approach will enable your assessor to significantly reduce the time generally required to achieve certification.


Your assessor will examine all business activities that directly effect quality and report these findings to you for incorporation into your quality system documentation. This will ensure that the internal documentation required from your company for certification is kept simple, yet compliant.


Your assessment will take a minimum of time and also include training for your quality staff and internal auditors. Due to our commitment to keeping the process simple and easy to manage, we can help reduce the anxieties typically associated with adopting the ISO standards. By keeping the processes simple and taking the time to demonstrate how certification will enhance the value of the company, your employees will welcome standardization.


Adopting ISO standards does not necessarily mean big changes for your company. Your company may already be ISO compliant. Should this be the case, QCBM Canada will be able to provide you with your accredited certificate along with tools for maintaining high quality standards and information on effectively leveraging your certification status.


Upon certification you will receive:

  • ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Quality Assurance Manual (Final manual in electronic CD format)
  • Process Procedure Manuals (Final manuals in electronic CD format)
  • Certification logos for marketing materials